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for those of you visiting this site who have no knowledge of weblogging, we've compiled a few links to help you get on 'the learning curve.' this is by no means exhaustive; we've been too busy working on the actual site and our own image galleries. this is merely to give you places to begin your explorations.

what is a weblog?

mike gunderloy: FAQs, definitions, and introspection - this is a very comprehensive list of links for those of you interested in all things weblog.
userland: what are weblogs?
whatis?com: weblog
blog.start is a directory and resource for weblogs. it includes a categorical listing of weblogs and resources for those who are currently maintaining or trying to create a weblog.

history of weblogs

rebecca blood: weblogs - a history and perspective
jon katz: here come the weblogs (

get a weblog

each of these services has free weblogging services, as well as offering software to make weblogging an extremely enjoyable activity. we encourage you to kick the tires on all the products these folks offer.


(free) conversant:




radio userland [beta software]: