BEHIND THE CURTAIN: a day in the life of webloggers

september 17-18, 2000 :: 110+ webloggers :: 3300+ images

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from garret:

the lion's share of the credit goes to each and every participant in this project. thank you for taking the time to photograph a slice of your lives!

i'd like to thank andrea frick of andrea's weblog for finding time during her thesis writing to help in literally dozens of ways during the production of this project. she has been my partner during production. thank you, andrea. thank you SO much. [oh, and thanks to andre for letting me temporarily borrow her.]

i'd also like to thank susan kitchens of 2020hindsight for her enthusiasm for starting this project, in the middle of her own multiple projects. she put the survey together that got us on the road to making this project reality. thank you, susan.

thanks to scott burton of and, for immediately saying "YES" to my question whether i could play with a zope site for creating this project. i was concerned about the traffic loads this project might put on my server, as well as wanting to kick the tires on zope for a huge client project i have in mind. the best way to learn is to 'just do it.' thanks, scott. now we'll see if your apache/zope combo can 'eat up' all this traffic ...

i'm indebted to andrea frick, jan-willem swane, eduardo arcos barredo, and jerome camus for the german, dutch, spanish, and french translations. if not for you, i doubt the international response would have been as large. thank you all.

a great big thanks to dan bricklin of trellixweb for making a spontaneous free software offer, linking from his site, and gobs of good advice, during this project. you helped head off a couple of problems that would have bogged down this entire process, and your generous offer of software simply blew our minds.

thanks to eric sooros for posting one of his perl scripts, and mark gardner for taking care of the BeOS folks by supplying me with links.

thanks to sam devore for writing and hosting the random gallery script, that has made this site so entertaining for so many.

a special thanks goes out to both dave winer of userland and evan williams of pyra/blogger, who both linked to this project from their highest traffic sites. dave, in particular, has linked multiple times. certainly the huge response is due to their generous linkage. thanks to you both, personally, and your companies. you've given all of us outstanding tools to realize our weblogging ambitions.

one more eleventh-hour credit to alwin hawkins of viewfromtheheart and hal rager of blivet for their candid judgments of the final designs for this site.

finally [and i know you're grateful to hear this word ...], i'd like to thank my wife, sandra, for allowing me to pursue this project during the most insane work scheduling time of our lives. neither of us has gotten any sleep; you've been more than patient ... i'll make it up to you next week. i promise! i might actually find time now to fix that cabinet door ...

  - garret, santa fe, new mexico, u.s.a.

from Andrea:

Besides all the people Garret has already mentioned, I'd like to thank Garret for the great idea and all the effort he put into this project. Garret, you gave us the opportunity to learn about the lives of people all around the world and to tell others about our lives. Dankeschön!

I'd also like to thank my soulmate André for introducing me to weblogs months ago, and for helping me with answers to some technical questions more recently, for this project. Thanks for your patience over the last two weeks, André!

  - Andrea, Bonn, Germany