BEHIND THE CURTAIN: a day in the life of webloggers

september 17-18, 2000 :: 110+ webloggers :: 3300+ images

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as this project progressed, more and more interesting things happened ... linked this site in july of 2006. if any of you 'originals' have a link to your old 'behind the curtain' gallery, email me at and i'll re-link it as soon as i can.

international interest

the international interest was gratifying, to say the least. we started with a sticker in english. that lasted one day. international enthusiasm drove german, dutch, spanish and french translations:


participant enthusiasm

then again, we've got some really giddy people involved:






finally ...

we at BTC have done our utmost to keep our participants list up to date. we believe we have had a few individuals who didn't sign up for the project, but submitted image galleries anyway. we admire that kind of enthusiasm and spirit, so here they are:

ruedi arnold, green
don saklad, guide to problematical library use
seling, seling
russell gum,
chris gulker,
ingo hinterdingq, i'm *not* the asian nurse

if you feel we have placed you here in error, please email include your name, weblog name, weblog url, location in the world, date you photographed (either the 17 or 18 of september), and your gallery url, and we will place you in the main listings.

for those curious about this site:

it was created by garret p. vreeland, who currently runs the dangerousmeta weblog [formerly writing at]. it was created in zope, aided by such tools as allaire homesite, bbedit 5 and 6, and adobe photoshop. it was created with no prior knowledge of zope, in about six hours of work, including creating the database portions of the site. i downloaded the online docs, and went to town. the coding is not css 1 or html 4.01 compliant, but it has been tested across windows and macintosh, in internet explorer, netscape 4.7x and 6, and the current release of icab. if anyone uncovers any incompatibilities, please send an email to garret - at - dangerousmeta dot com.