BEHIND THE CURTAIN: a day in the life of webloggers

september 17-18, 2000 :: 110+ webloggers :: 3300+ images

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what the 'behind the curtain' project is ...

on september 17 and 18 of the year 2000, over 150 webloggers coordinated to photograph 24 hours in their 'normal' lives. because all webloggers have careers in addition to our roles as webloggers, we had to flex the time to allow everyone to pick a 24 hour period within that original september 17/18 timespan.

but in the bigger picture, we've bypassed the publishers, photographers, distributors. we've taken the control into our own hands and documented ourselves. for who knows weblogging better than we?

why did everyone get together and make this project happen?

call it basic human curiousity.

we are interested in seeing how people live and work all across this world of ours, and how internet technology fits into their daily lives. we make a great deal of assumptions, all over the world, about how the 'other' lives and works. this is an effort to peel away the geopolitics, stereotypes and preconceived notions ... and look at the lives of individuals.

we also want to peek 'behind the curtain' ... the reference to 'the wizard of oz' should be obvious. "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" ... but it's the wizard who is the unintended catalyst of events. we all sit behind the curtain of our weblogs, punching keys and pushing buttons, linking to things that have the potential to substantially change others' lives and opinions. that's incredibly powerful. we're all wizards, in our own right. but each wizard is 'just' a person ... and it's that person we're curious about. because of distance, we can't all sit across from one another at a coffeeshop somewhere and talk. this project was intended to help push that curtain back a little, and give this phenomenon of weblogging a human face.

so, as you go through these galleries, you may wish to hum "we're off to see the wizard" ...

have fun, all of you. we certainly did.