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random site generator is now online:

sam devore of a dad and his girls has, on his own initiative, beaten scott and i to the punch. he's got a random site generator working, thanks to some fancy fingerwork in frontier. he has posted his script in the array.editthispage discussion group. he's running a g4 450 on a dsl line, frontier 7b18, and mac os x in 'classic mode'.

current list of to-do's, on september 25, 2000:

due to so many late submissions, certain portions of the site are inactive at present. as more come on-line, i'll add their names here.

galleries added, 12:00 pm mst [gmt-7], october 10, 2000:

david carter-tod, serious instructional technology

galleries added, 5:00 pm mst [gmt-7], september 29, 2000:

keith jenkins, burning pixels

galleries added, 7:30 pm mst [gmt-7], september 27, 2000:

koen, stronk

galleries added, 8 pm mst [gmt-7], september 26, 2000:

daniel ericsson, random packets
grant hutchinson, splorp!
bronwyn, sidebar

galleries added, 12:00 am mst [gmt-7], september 25, 2000:

dave samojlenko, blogbynight

galleries added, 7:00 pm mst [gmt-7], september 25, 2000:

dan lyke, flutterby

galleries added, 5:00 pm mst [gmt-7], september 25, 2000:

neale talbot, wetlog
bella, poptart
marcus baker, clarity

galleries added, 1:00 pm mst [gmt-7], september 25, 2000:

michael boyle,

galleries added, 10:30 pm mst [gmt-7], september 24, 2000:

t.j. degroat, vignette

galleries added, 8:00 pm mst [gmt-7], september 24, 2000:

mark gardner, obscure mouse signals
chris spears, sacred blog
jeff cheney, jeff's weblog
jamie smithson, chocoworld
amy, little green men
jason shellen,
matt v, better living through chemistry
sam devore, a dad and his girls

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