welcome to my photography space on the internet. i've played with the notion of having a 'photoblog' for a long time, since doing the "behind the curtain" project, but seemed to have more fun waxing lyrical in non-fiction. consider this a rebirth of sorts; a commitment to try to come up a fresh image each day.

i am currently using a canon eos 50d digital slr, though some shots may be drawn from my archives, which would include canon eos 20d, canon powershot g5, nikkormat ft2, nikon f3hp, nikon f4s, ansco autoset, yashicamat 124g, and a host of toy cameras and vidcams.

talking personally, i'm male, 50 years old, and working as a web designer and freelance photographer at the present time. i spent the better part of 13 years in 'industrial theatre', and i hold and share telly awards for video editing, design and direction. photography has been an abiding love since high school.

i'm currently very happy on a macintosh system using adobe lightroom and the full suite of adobe creative suite products, mildly mitigated by the use of noise ninja and other small add-ons. i started my computer experience on singer punch-paper tape systems, and am familiar with all the Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix variants. i used rio on targa boards before photoshop was an itch in adobe's pants. true 32 bit editing, using 8-bit alpha channels and chromakeying effects and more complex tasks, are as familiar as breathing.

anything else you'd like to know, please check my weblog at dangerousmeta. you can also peruse other photography at my flickr stream.

if you were a part of the original btc, and want your gallery url updated here,